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Vote for the next User Made Map contest theme!

It’s that time again! We plan on starting up the next UMM Contest soon, so let’s figure out what the theme of the contest will be. Our theme options this time were heavily influenced by your discussions in the thread we started up a couple weeks ago. We took some of the ideas that seemed popular there and cleaned them up a bit to provide a bit more flexibility for the contestants. The three theme options we have decided on are:

Concrete Jungle
This theme brings the fight to a more urban environment. Players can expect to be breaching rooms, taking rooftops, and navigating crowded streets in these maps.

This theme is perfect for Attack/Defend style gameplay. Players will be forming plans and working together to breach in to highly defensible compounds.

Stormy Weather
This theme puts players in harsh conditions and brutal elements. Players can expect their visibility and map awareness to be hampered while the try to handle both the enemy and mother natures.

So there are our three options for this contest! Voting will remain open until Monday March 28 at 9am CST. Once that deadline passes we will take the theme with the most votes and fully incorporate it into the next contest. Please continue to read below for a few more caveats.

No vote option for AA Map Remakes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
We know a number of you would like to do a remakes contests. Instead of having a contest focused on remakes, we would rather pick a cool theme and then allow remakes to appear if the work out for that given theme. In the next contest we WILL be allowing AA Remakes to be submitted.

Let’s focus on BDX maps this time around
The other condition we will be having in the upcoming contest is the maps must be BDX size. Again, we feel this is a good restriction, but not interesting enough to serve as a theme in its own right.