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User Map Competition


Have you ever wanted to leave YOUR mark on the America’s Army franchise? This is your chance! We are holding a map design competition using our mission editor or the advanced editor. The winning map will be brought in house and worked on by our art team to enhance the look and feel of the map, as well as the performance.  After this process it will become an official map, and it will be featured in the America’s Army comic book series, issue 12. We are looking for maps that are fun to play and have a good layout. Your focus should be on an excellent play space more than the art design of the level.

Dates & Rules

Aug 1: Contest is announced

Sept 26 – Oct 5: Submit entries

Oct 10: We announce the 12 maps that made it to the first round (Announcement here)

Oct 17: We announce the 6 that make it to the second round (Announcement here)

Oct 24: We announce the 3 finalist (Announcement here)

Oct 31: We announce the winner (Announcement here)



trains_smallMap Theme

If you want your map featured in issue #12 of the America’s Army Comics you can make it fit the theme.  The best environment to fit the story would be a train yard (old or current). Diesel engine trains that look very European.  It would be on the Czervenian side of Palisav island, possibly in the mountains or on the coast overlooking steep cliffs and/or ocean.  We will provide a limited number of train assets in an update soon in the RailRoad_Cars.upk and RailRoad_Tracks.upk packages (some don’t have textures yet, so feel free to add textures, use as placeholder or create your own).  The track we have provided is straight, but it can be curved if you use a spline.

Here are some examples of what we are looking at for reference:

If your map doesn’t fit the theme, you can still submit it for the contest!  It just won’t be included in the AA Comics if it wins.


The map must be a 12v12 FLO and can be any objective type or combination of objectives.


Anyone that is at least 18 years of age and not an employee of the Army Game Studio can submit maps.

Judging Factors

  • Playability
    • The map is fun to play and is sized properly to support 12v12
  • Creativity
    • The map provides an interesting experience for players
  • Originality
    • The map provides a new playspace for players to enjoy
    • The map provides a unique experience within the Theme provided
  • Mission Setup
    • The mission has context
    • The mission is set up properly and works as intended

WorkshopHow to Submit a map for the competition

  1. Upload your map to the Steam Workshop
  2. Submissions will be accepted from Sept 26 – Oct 5 11:59 PM CDT
  3. Send an email to with a link to your item on the steam workshop
  4. We will leave a comment on your Workshop item when we have received it and add it to the “Official Map Competition” collection
  5. Once you have sent the email to submit your map, don’t update it

* Do not send the email to submit your map until it is ready to be judged!

* You may submit more than one map

America’s Army Comic

Read the comics to get inspiration for your map and learn the story behind America’s Army: Proving Grounds