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Update [9.15.21] Notes

The wait for new content was long, but an update has finally dropped! First things first – new login requirements. For your initial game launch after the update, you’ll need to read through the on-screen prompts carefully to successfully register your account and log in. More details on that here.

Now for the fun. Dive into missions with new weapon skins, some flashy and some classy! Survey your surroundings in the re-imagined Reaction map. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with new routes and landmarks, so don’t rush in! Inner Hospital overstaying its welcome? We’ve mixed up the map rotation and updated the map vote widget. Read on for the full list of patch notes.



Both Platform Features:

  • Game login updates (more details here)
  • Loading screen videos updated
  • Reaction map has been re-imagined
  • Map rotation and vote system updates (more details here)
  • Leavenworth cells now open for exploration (don’t be eager to get sent there)
  • New weapon skins for the M17, M1911, M24, M4A1, M870, and SCAR-H
  • Audio Emotes added in My Soldier menu

PS Only

Bug Fixes

  • Hydra objective visible
  • Various system updates

PC Only


  • Soldier names are now linked to Steam Profile Names (Add Clan Tag option in development)

Bug Fixes

  • Running grenade exploit fixed


If you experience issues, send us a report at