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UMM Competition: And The Winner Is Overload!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the UMM Competition is Overload!

Congratulations Drecks on a job well done! Drecks was able to create a map that plays well and provides a strong visual style. The map fits AA: PG both visually and thematically, allowing us to easily incorporate it in to the game. We will spend the next couple of weeks playtesting Overload, which will likely result in some modifications to the playspace in an effort to support the best gameplay possible. Additionally, our art team is gearing up for a complete art pass on the level. We will keep the community up to date on our progress the entire way. For now, we want to share a couple of early concept pieces that our concept team just finished up! The first image looks at the area behind the Attack spawn point. The goal here is to provide context on how the Attacking team arrived in the area. The second image focuses on the Yankee objective and is exploring some atmospheric ideas the art team is considering.

Overload Image 1

Overload Image 2

Overload Image 3

Congratulations to Drecks and a big thank you to all of our map creators! We received a large number of quality submissions that resulted in an excellent competition all around. Thanks to the community as well for your support and feedback as the competition went on. We hope you all enjoyed the competition as much as we did!