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UMM Competition – Here are the Top 12 Finalists!

After much playtesting and deliberation, the development team has narrowed the list to the Top 12! The maps are revealed below in alphabetical order:

Congress Centre
We loved the look and feel of the interior of the main building. We also really enjoyed the gameplay in that space when attack breached in, as well as some of the building to building engagements we saw.

Crazy Stacks
Let’s be honest… this map doesn’t really fit in to a ‘real world’ setting. At all. With that being said, the team had a TON of fun running around the map and playing this. It was hands down the most unique experience that we had.

This is a remake of a popular AA2 map, so it takes a big hit in the Originality category. This map makes the list because it is extremely well made. The amount of effort and care put in to this map is easy to see.

We liked the feel of this map quite a bit. It is a fairly tight map for 12v12, but it was pretty easy for us to find our way around and the map offered up some enjoyable firefights.

This is a large map with lots of routes and interior spaces. The map did a good job of directing players to where they needed to be and provided a slower style of gameplay that was very enjoyable. The jet flyovers were really cool too!

This map feels pretty small for a 12v12, but seemed to play well once teams got down to around 4v4. Restricting roles to Rifleman created some challenging, long sightlines that resulted in careful movement and strong team communication.

A tight map that did a good job of working the trainyard in to major playspace. We appreciated the approach at a unique, but still relatively simple, objective type. Also, bonus points for exploding barrels!

Last Stop
The team really enjoyed some of the creativity on display here. Well placed breakable glass made for some interesting routes while good use of elevation and sightlines added additional interest to the gameplay.

Morobayu Station
Sure, this map is just Inner Hospital with some minor modifications and a new skin, but it is also extremely well made. The map ties in to the train them nicely and has a clean look to it. It was nice to see a twist on a well known space like this.

Night Infiltration
We really enjoyed the setting this map provided. The nighttime approach was done well and everyone liked the experience Attack has of breaking in to the compound.

This is another map that does a good job of working the train theme in to a major portion of the playspace. The objective areas, while possibly a bit sparse on cover, did a good job of providing tension to the map. We also really enjoyed the interior lighting choices and how they contrasted to the coldness of the exteriors.

This map did a good job with its use of verticality and its ability to provide good uses for every class. Snipers had good positions to overwatch the battlefield while rifleman had options to push up and put pressure on the objective. We also enjoyed the use of fog in the objective area.

Visit the Steam Workshop to download these terrific User made Maps and then hop on one of the Official Servers which will begin featuring these maps. And remember, one week from today the list will be whittled down to the final 6! Keep watching here for more details.