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PS4 Game Update – 10.02.2018

Private lobbies and clan tags are here!

New features are now available on PS4!


Now you can setup private games for you and your friends, or for clan battles!

  • Manually select teams or put everyone on the Auto-balance team!
  • Pick your map and set game options like round count, friendly fire, and number of revives!
  • Turn roles off and have sniper wars!
  • Turn aim assist off and see who has real skill!
  • But note this is still a BETA feature, there may be bugs!
  • All private lobbies are peer-to-peer to start, dedicated private servers are coming!


Now you can attach clan tags to your soldier name!

  • Use up to 4 letters or numbers to rep your clan!
  • Or use those 4 characters to identify your unit!
  • Or use those 4 characters to insult everyone! (Note all clan tags are parsed through PS4’s community standards!)


Surprise! Now you can LEAN on the PS4!

  • While you are Aiming Down Sights (ADS) click the left or right stick to lean that direction!
  • Move while leaned to take corners more tactically!
  • Slice every pie!


Many, many bug fixes!

  • Profile settings are now saved locally to your PS4 and will take priority over online or missing profile settings! No more rank resets! Hopefully!
  • Map collision fixes!
  • Fixed RPG achievements! Give those another shot! Literally!