America's Army News

Game Update Notes (17 Dec 2015)

This update fixes some input issues with the UI, adds a few new UI features, adds army facts and trivia to the AAR screen, fixes a few audio issues and closes a few memory leaks.  If you haven’t heard already, we are hosting a map building competition where we will select 3 maps as winners and include them with the game as an official map.   Read More

Game Update Notes (19 Nov 2015)

The latest update to America’s Army: Proving Grounds includes our first new map since the game released, Checkout.  We also improved the audio by integrating AstoundSound®, which is a 3D effect that takes into account the Z-axis when playing sounds.  The ROE system has been improved to help limit griefers and we have fixed a few bugs with stats not getting reported, weapon challenge issues and other things.   Read More

Mission Editor DLC update (27 Oct 2015)

We released a very small, but awesome, update to the mission editor DLC.  This update does not require servers to be updated and if you don’t have the DLC installed, your client doesn’t need to be updated.

We’ve added a new process that stores compiled shaders in the map file when it is published to the Steam Workshop. We call this process “searing” since we aren’t performing the full “cook” process that Unreal provides, only parts of it. Read More

Mission Editor Update (20 Oct 2015)

User Made Maps

User made maps (UMMs) are now fully supported! The editor can publish using the new Steam method and players will now have the option to download one or more UMMs when they connect to a server. Downloading a map also subscribes the player to the map in the Steam workshop.

Please see the handy Steam Guide for more information.

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Proving Grounds is out of Beta, and still free!

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the beta to help make this version of America’s Army the greatest ever!  Keep reading to see some of the big changes we have been working on and if you haven’t already, Download America’s Army: Proving Grounds on Steam to experience it yourself!

Server Settings

There are a lot of options available to server admins that host their own servers.  You can always get help with configuration on our forums or check out this Steam Guide on all the options and the effects they have. Read More

Updating Mission Editor Maps

With over 850 maps available on the Steam Workshop at the end of the beta, I’m sure you will want to update your maps so server owners can run it after the beta has ended, because the old maps will not work on the new version without being saved and published again.  The process may be very simple or may take some time depending on how many custom assets and sounds you used in your map.   Read More

Weapon Challenges

Weapon Challenges test a player’s skill with the weapons of America’s Army: Proving Grounds. Each weapon has its own set of tiered challenges that require the player to perform certain tasks with that weapon. Completing the challenge provides the player with rewards such as bonus experience, weapon skins, and new optics. A new, more difficult, challenge will then unlock for that weapon. Read More

Opt-in Update Notes (18 Sept 2015)

We have updated the opt-in test build today with our latest changes.  Details below!

Weapon Challenges

  • Weapon challenges are now updating as you play on the Load-out screen.
  • Unlocked optics will appear as an option in the Loadout screen. Unlocked weapon skins may be selected on the My Soldier screen though there is not yet any indication which are locked or unlocked.
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Patriot Day 2015

Sept. 11, 2001, changed more than the skyline of New York City – the attacks changed a generation of Americans, our Army and our world. That day’s destruction and devastation did not condemn this country to a future filled with fear. No, this loss, as profound as it was, did not break the soul of this nation. It made us stronger. Read More