America's Army News

Opt-in Update Notes (3 Sept 2015)

If you have the opt-in version of the game you may have noticed we released an update this morning, changes are below.  If you haven’t tried the opt-in yet, download it today!  We have noticed it is taking longer than we would like for people to rank up in the opt-in, so we are going to drop the requirements for each rank in half soon.  After the XP required for each rank is lowered we will reset stats to see how quickly you move through the ranks!


  • New main menu – still a work in progress
  • The editor is now treated as DLC, and is not installed by default. The launcher will install the editor when you attempt to access it, or you can manually install/uninstall it by right-clicking the game in your Steam Library, choosing “Properties”, going to the “DLC” tab, and checking/unchecking the editor.
  • We are adding map voting to the AAR at the end of a match, but isn’t complete yet, so ignore the in-progress work
  • Ping for other players is no longer visible on the scoreboard; your personal ping is not yet displayed but will be
  • Admins have access to a new command, AdminPlayerList, which lists all players by team with ping
  • Added a HUD scaling option in the Settings menu; the option must be turned on for the slider to work (still a work in progress)
  • LAN tab added to the server browser
  • Highlights once again work on the server browser
  • Unofficial servers should now appear in the favorites and history tabs as any other server
  • Bleed-out icon updated so the colors aren’t so bright
  • Simultaneous vote kicks no longer cause issues
  • Team Select menu polished
  • A player who bleeds out will now always appear in the kill feed
  • ESC closes the overhead map
  • Achievements notifications turned off for in-progress work
  • The scoreboard is no longer viewable in shoot houses, the tutorial or exploration
  • Ranks for both teams now visible on the Team Select screen
  • The weapon wheel no longer vanishes due to climbing a ladder
  • The C4 timer is now visible to attackers
  • Fixed an issue where hitting the ESC during the shoot house AAR would restart the AAR


  • The vault/mantle system now “grabs” the player from a shorter distance when attempting to vault or mantle an obstacle
  • The character’s shoulder no longer clips into view when reloading the shotgun
  • Added new server setting, bAllowGlobalChat, which disables/enables global text chat
  • Attempting to fire during a slide will instead fire once the slide has completed
  • One can no longer bind two or more actions to the same key
  • The “NO SCOPED” achievement will no longer be awarded for team kills
  • Fix for becoming stuck in a bad state when being killed during a slide
  • Visual artifacts cleared out of the M68 red dot scope
  • “Documents\America’s Army” is no longer used. Launcher server config files are now stored in “Documents\My Games\America’s Army Proving Grounds\Launcher\ServerConfigs”. Launcher log files are now stored alongside game log files.
  • The Golddigger achievement should now be triggered and reported correctly


  • Fixed an issue where players could “skywalk” on Downtown
  • Stair railings and trim for the Hospital maps can no longer be shot through
  • Fixed a spot on Intercept where players could become stuck
  • Coldront EX once again has anchoring
  • The firing range targets now play a noise and larger effect when shot
  • Fixed various missing textures on Bridge
  • Fixed a collision issue on Downtown AC vent

How do I participate?

  1. Right-click on the “America’s Army: Proving Grounds Beta” game in your Steam Library
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Select the “BETAS” tab
  4. Click the drop down where you select the beta you would like to opt into and select “test – Pre-release test version″