America's Army News

Opt-in Test #2 Available May 7 through May 11!

We had a great turnout for the first opt-in test two weeks ago and would like to invite everyone back for a second test!  We received some good feedback on our new forums and would like to encourage everyone to check them out at, no new account needed, simply login with your game account.  You can see the details below about the changes made in the last two weeks and a lot of it is due to the feedback and suggestions on the forums.

What’s New?

  • Added UI setting allowing players to set their framerate up to 200 fps; note framerate smoothing must be on for this setting to be applied
  • Mouse sensitivity numerical input added – still some work to be done on visuals
  • Training menu is now open – players may play the tutorial and try out all our weapons on the shooting range as well as shoot houses and explore the multiplayer maps
  • Grenade damage curves reduced – the lethal radius is reduced and damage drops off very sharply past this point

Audio Changes

  • Pistol fire sounds (all three) should be pretty much done short of small adjustments
    • Based on feedback from the “pistol cannon” comments
    • Going for a higher pitched, less mechanical, shorter cycle sounds for pistol variants
  • Added more brightness (high-frequency boost) to overall mix
    • Based on comments that sound was too muddy. Also helps pick out the quieter sounds in the mix
  • Adjusted real-time limiting (volume ducking) for loud sounds
    • Based on comments about how quiet sounds would disappear randomly for seconds at a time while playing a match
    • Reorganized how sounds affect this required mix module.
    • The ducking is now much faster on and off
  • Footsteps
    • Based on comments about footsteps being too quiet even when they were not affected by the volume ducking
    • Turned all footsteps up. Made small adjustments to tactical footstep volume down post all up adjustment to retain a volume delta.
  • Overload jet is now not as loud
  • The echo, or environmental reverb, was turned down on the weapon fire sounds, per feedback that the echo was a little too crazy in rooms
  • A few tweaks were made to the loudness of certain weapon reload sounds and character “moves” sounds
  • We found an issue where certain pawn driven sounds were not working properly with the obstruction/occlusion system. Specifically “moves” and grenade bounces. “Moves” are all transition sounds the pawn makes other than footsteps, so stuff like grenade throws, bandaging, changing from standing to crouch or prone, lean, choke outs, securing NME, vault/mantle, etc. Grenade bounces are pretty much self explanatory. Obstruction/occlusion happens when the line of sight between a sound and the listener is broken. Obstruction is how that sound is initially muffled. Occlusion is how much of the non-muffled sound escapes from it’s origin and makes it to you. For example, if someone is on the other side of a wall and there is an open door, and they clap their hands, the obstruction is that initial muffled clap you would hear through the wall. The occlusion would be the delayed reflection of the non-muffled initial sound that you would hear coming from the door opening. I hope that all makes sense.
    • Additionally, with grenade bounces, there was an issue where they were not being localized in the real world. They were playing like a 2D UI sound. No reverb, no direction, except the loudness fade over distance was working. That is now fixed.
    • The bomb fuse burning sound, not the beep but the fuse burn, had the same problem as the grenade bounces being localized. That is now fixed as well.

Maps included with this Opt-In test

  • FLO Cold Front C4
  • FLO Slums TH
  • FLO Downtown EX and BDX Shadow Step EX
    • Modifications to Bakery Window – players using the window should stand out more
  • BDX Intercept C4
    • Single Site C4
    • Multiple Locations to plant on that site
    • Expect plant bugs from time to time
  • BDX Shadow Step EX
  • BDX Inner Hospital EX
    • Some small changes to Defense side stairwell leading to Up and Over
  • BDX Crossfire C4
    • South Bridge reopened
    • Other south changes remain the same
    • Couch returned
    • Roof added over Bomb Room and East Building

How do I participate?

  1. Right-click on the “America’s Army: Proving Grounds Beta” game in your Steam Library
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Select the “BETAS” tab
  4. Click the drop down where you select the beta you would like to opt into and select “test2 – Opt-in test #2″

WARNING – this will download the opt-in test and replace the current version of the game you have!  You can always select “NONE” and go back, but it will be a few GB download.

There is no limit to the number of people that can download the opt-in beta, but we will have a limited number of servers running.  If all servers are full you can spectate to wait for a spot or try again later.  There were several user-hosted servers during the last opt-in running custom settings, so there shouldn’t be a problem finding a server to play on.

The second Opt-In beta begins Thursday 7 MAY 2015 at 0900 CST and ends Monday 11 MAY 2015 at 0900 CST

Additional issues fixed

  • Launcher credits scroll properly
  • Muzzle flash size reduced
  • Fixed a collision issue around the bridge on Coldfront
  • Temporary fix for chat window overlapping with loadout menu; better fix in the works
  • Fixed a crash in the VOIP system
  • Using Stat Unitgraph no longer crashes the client
  • Fixed issue that would allow an occasional bullet to go through some walls on Siege
  • Grenade bounce sound has proper volume and attenuation now
  • M24 third-person bolt cycling animation improved
  • Demorec playback starts in first person and begins as soon as it is loaded
  • Server Browser option removed from ESC menu
  • Spectators no longer see a fire mode change when weapons are equipped/unequipped
  • M249 ammo bag is no longer invisible for the initial reload
  • Size of location text above minimap increased
  • The activate objective icon is now consistent across the HUD
  • The NamePlateColor console command now saves locally when used; also a -1 value restores colors to the default
  • Fix for grenade equipped status not updating correctly on the server, causing players to fire blanks after a grenade throw
  • Fixed an issue where VOIP would be lost for some on full servers
  • Fixed a client crash related to changing settings
  • Army rank now displayed on the scoreboard