America's Army News

New Opt-in Test Available NOW!

We are getting closer to ending the Beta and need your help to get some final testing in before pushing it to the main game in Steam.  This opt-in will not be temporary this time, we are going to keep it available and update it on a bi-weekly schedule.  So if you want to move over from what has been on Steam to the test branch you can stay on it until release.  We need you to report bugs you come across here: and click “Submit a Bug Report”.  As always, leave feedback on the forums at

What’s New Since the Last Opt-in?

  • Mission editor is available to update your maps so they are ready for release (can’t publish to steam yet though)
  • My Soldier menu allows you to customize the gear and camo pattern of your soldier.  The selected camo pattern is applied to all of your teammates (as you see them) and the color of the camo is determined by the level you are playing.  Enemies always look the same.
  • Lots of minor UI updates to menu system and in game menus (load out, team select, scoreboard, AAR screens)
  • Performance improvements to HUD and UI
  • Performance improvements in stat tracking and reporting code
  • Weapon sounds have been updated and the bullet whips/cracks adjusted to not play with every bullet.
  • Updated bullet impact effects
  • Fixed some issues with stats, challenges and achievements not working properly
  • Server admin functions added for competitions.  You can get a list of all commands in game by typing “adminhelp” in the console.
    • move a player to another team
    • enable/disable user roles
    • restart round
    • enable/disable comp mode
    • enable/disable character shadows (on next match)
    • enable/disable roe
    • lock/unlock optics
    • enable/disabled autobalance

How do I participate?

  1. Right-click on the “America’s Army: Proving Grounds Beta” game in your Steam Library
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Select the “BETAS” tab
  4. Click the drop down where you select the beta you would like to opt into and select “test – Pre-release test version″

WARNING – this will download the opt-in test and replace the current version of the game you have!  You can always select “NONE” and go back, but it will be a few GB download.

There is no limit to the number of people that can download the opt-in beta, but we will have a limited number of official servers running.  There were several user-hosted servers during the last opt-in running custom settings, so there shouldn’t be a problem finding a server to play on.