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Mission Editor Update (20 Oct 2015)

User Made Maps

User made maps (UMMs) are now fully supported! The editor can publish using the new Steam method and players will now have the option to download one or more UMMs when they connect to a server. Downloading a map also subscribes the player to the map in the Steam workshop.

Please see the handy Steam Guide for more information.

When you first start the game you will be prompted to remove old maps and unsubscribe, we recommend you choose “yes” to clean up your game install and you will need to get the maps again after they have been updated to work with the new version anyway.

Misc. Fixes

  • Friendly fire is now much less forgiving; this number is now server-configurable (FriendlyFireLimit in DefaultGame.ini). More friendly fire and ROE changes planned in a future release
  • Tactical indicator blinks slightly when first used for better visibility
  • Locked weapon skins can now be used on LAN servers or in singleplayer
  • Several variables in the Launcher HAS interface were not working and are now fixed
  • All extract objectives now attach correctly to the character models
  • Players killed by hitting a kill volume now appear in the kill feed
  • The Diehard coin may now be collected
  • Army Strong, Taking Out the Trash and Everybody’s Buddy achievements now properly awarded
  • Top Performers on the AAR is now color coded according to team affiliation
  • Potential fix for infinite weapon firing audio bug
  • Admin VOIP channel now properly labeled as Admin (not Dev)
  • Server Browser now sorts by ping by default
  • Server Browser filters now saved when returning to it from a game
  • Server browser can now direct connect to a server by entering the IP, even if the server doesn’t appear in the current list
  • The Call Vote option on the ESC menu is greyed out if no vote options are available
  • The spot enemy cool down is now properly initiated when a downed enemy is “spotted”
  • Adjusted several HUD elements to avoid overlap
  • Downed friendly icon changed to a cross when sighted up (was an ‘X’)
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD showed an available grenade in training maps when player had none
  • Votes and results now recorded in the server logs
  • Objective text for Slums are now correct
  • When a player attempts to connect to a full server the correct message is displayed