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Mission Editor DLC update (27 Oct 2015)

We released a very small, but awesome, update to the mission editor DLC.  This update does not require servers to be updated and if you don’t have the DLC installed, your client doesn’t need to be updated.

We’ve added a new process that stores compiled shaders in the map file when it is published to the Steam Workshop. We call this process “searing” since we aren’t performing the full “cook” process that Unreal provides, only parts of it. This option to “sear” is turned on by default, and the process is highly recommended, as players (and servers) won’t have to compile shaders the first time they load a seared map.  We highly recommend you re-publish any maps currently on the workshop so server providers, server owners and players will all have a much smoother experience with User Made Maps.

We also put in a fix for built maps not publishing correctly the first time, and a fix for the editor not being able to launch the game in standalone mode for testing objectives.

One final fix is to the Host A Server function. Due to a bug SSHD was being set by default when making a server using the HAS. This will no longer happen and you will default to CSHD again.

Please check your servers to make sure you are running the hit detection you want.