America's Army News

Game Update Notes (5 May 2016)

We have a huge content update today! All three winners of the Great Outdoors contest are now on the Official servers and in the standard map rotation.


Great Outdoor UMM Contest Winners

  • The three contest winning maps are now live! These are all 12v12 outdoor themed maps
  • Stone Ruins by RedBaron64 is a foggy fight through some ancient ruins
  • Cabin Fever by =groundhog= offers a great hilly indoor and outdoor battle across a frozen landscape
  • Rocky Road by Keebler750 puts you in a tug-of-war style battle in a rocky landscape

Login Moved

  • Logging in to the game and account creation will now happen in the game and not the launcher
  • Launching to the Editor will bring up the launcher and all it’s associated functions

Map Fixes

  • Adjusted the fog density on Bridge to be consistent for both sides
  • Fixed a spot on Bridge where players could stand on a tiny collision lip
  • Closed a crack on Bridge where players could fire on the extraction point from one of the towers
  • Out of bounds area on Homestead tweaked slightly
  • Wooden ceiling beams near the Homestead forge no longer intersect with soldier’s heads
  • Players may no longer jump on several light poles in Slums
  • Blocking an area on Slums where players could leave the intended play space
  • Blocked a spot on Siege where players could leave the intended play space
  • Closed an area on Coldfront where players could, yes, leave the intended play space


  • Overload author plaque added to the map
  • Fixed an issue where map images in the Training menu could vanish
  • “Rank Up” animation now displayed correctly on the AAR
  • Activity feed spacing tweaked
  • Deploy menu now appears by default when the game is in warmup mode
  • Fix for the round start timer appearing incorrectly after opening the server browser from within a game
  • Size of confirmation dialogs increased

Mission Editor

  • Mission Editor Help function works once again
  • Fix for shoot house templates in the mission editor causing a crash

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fix for issue where removing a map from the workshop could cause a server with that map to experience problems
  • Pacifist and Clean Sweep achievements are no longer awarded when the opposing team leaves
  • Fix for scoreboard becoming stuck during a demorec playback
  • Fixed a bug where VOIP was being re-enabled at the start of each match even when disabled in the settings
  • Players may no longer pick up a second pistol, should one somehow be in the world to be picked up
  • Fix for the occasional distorted soldier in the end of round cam
  • Client and server logs cleaned up a bit
  • Matches ending due to not enough players will no longer trigger a map change
  • Prone performance improved significantly on the server side
  • Fix for movement stuttering during posture changes and at the end of sliding when playing online