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Game Update Notes (31 Mar 2016)

This update focuses on fixing a  number of bugs in the current public version. As always thank you to everyone who reports bugs and sends us suggestions on game improvements. As you can see, it’s a huge help!


User Made Map (UMM) Changes

  • The game no longer reads .metadata files from the UserMadeMaps folder. Instead, a new ini file — AASteamUGCManager.ini — stores the list of Item Ids to run on a server. For each map the server should host, add a new line:ServerSubscribedItems=(IdString=<ItemId>)The <ItemId> is the same as the PublishFileId in the map’s .metadata file, or can be found at the end of the URL when looking at the map in the Steam Workshop (e.g.<ItemId>).
  • To emphasize, the UserMadeMaps folder is no longer used on the server (and putting maps there without realizing this could cause errors when starting a server), the game no longer recognizes maps in the UserMadeMaps folder.
  • Server providers no longer have to open a separate port to support sending the list of hosted UMMs to clients.
  • Fixed issue where the map download progress bar wouldn’t update until you downloaded the last map.
  • Fixed issue where the map download progress dialog would hang if there were a large number of maps to be downloaded.
  • Servers will now ignore maps that have been removed from the Steam Workshop (they’ll be removed from the vote/rotation/admin-map-switch list).
  • [DEV]Philbax has created a new and improved guide to hosting UMMs on a server:

Server Browser

  • Server browser is now available via the ESC menu during an active game
  • Adjusted field alignment in the server info widget
  • Server Browser: Fixed an issue where stopping a refresh didn’t actually stop behind-the-scenes queries , causing you to be unable to refresh servers until the query fully completed.

Server Settings

  • Implemented a server setting to disable automatic reload on an empty magazine;  set bDefaultDisableAutoReload to true
  • C4 secure server setting has been removed along with all related functionally
  • Vote-kick has been disabled on Official Servers


  • Teamspeak port is properly replicated to all clients from the server if the default port was changed
  • For server admins, the Teamspeak port may now be overridden via commandline argument “voipport” (e.g. “-voipport=1234”)


  • A kill feed icon is now displayed when a player dies from the out-of-bounds volume
  • Text fields within the UI (such as on the Crosshair menu) will no longer capture text chat commands
  • Scoreboard colors and objectives on the minimap update correctly when team colors are changed on the nameplate menu
  • Fixed an issue where text chat messages would sometimes not appear
  • Fixed an issue where some HUD messages would not always be cleared if they were up at the end of a round
  • The Last Man Standing message functionality should now be correct for all circumstances; it now appears when you are the last “active” player
  • Fixed an issue where the anti-aliasing video setting was not respecting the Restore Defaults button
  • Fixed an issue where warmup mode could put spectators into an incorrect UI state
  • The Weapon menu now displays the correct skin for all reward levels
  • Fixed an issue where multiple VOIP icons could become stuck on screen when a player joins a team from spectator while using VOIP


  • Dropping the flag or C4 on moving objects such as the radar dish on Coldfront will no longer result in the objective sinking into the object
  • Defusing an armed C4 objective now counts towards the Objectives Completed stat
  • Bomb icon on the objective status widget is now colored correctly


  • Fixed a crash that often occurred when using the demorec rewind function
  • When reviewing a demorec from a spectator’s point of view the name of the player being spectated now updates properly

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes for the door actors in the editor – door preview meshes no longer block projectiles, new doors correctly generate a preview mesh and various cleanup for better usability
  • Players no longer drop weapons when failing to switch teams
  • Shooting a teammate who is the target of a takedown no longer counts as friendly fire
  • Players can now pick-up weapons while they have a pistol or grenade equipped
  • The achievements Seasoned Warrior and Be All You Can Be were being awarded incorrectly; correct numbers are now in place
  • Fixed an issue where the game could pull an incorrect soldier name when changing soldier accounts
  • Fix for out-of-bounds audio continuing past the end of the round under some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where some stats from a match could be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where some non-weapon kills were incorrectly reported as M4 kills
  • Added a check to the vault & mantle system to insure enough overhead space is available prior to attempting to vault or mantle
  • The fire mode button is now disabled when spectating others
  • Tweaked the posture transition code to prevent the player’s view from clipping into objects
  • Fixed issue where shotgun and M67 shoothouse scores were frequently not saved to the backend correctly.
  • Greatly improved resolution of weapon sway, making a notable improvement when using high-powered scopes.