America's Army News

Game Update Notes (30 June 2016)

VIP mode is here! This is a game mode that’s been requested for a long time now and we are extremely proud to finally have it in game. With the new mode we’ve also updated the mission editor to support making VIP mode maps! Another new addition is the Swenson range, a great single player training map to learn weapon drop and recoil patterns. As always we’ve included a host of bug fixes so make sure you read below for everything.




  • VIP game mode has returned to America’s Army!
  • The VIP is chosen at random at the start of each round; players may choose how often they are chosen as the VIP via a setting under Miscellaneous.
  • The VIP comes equipped with a single weapon, limited ammunition and extra armor.
  • Protect the VIP and escort him to the extraction point within time limits. The ambush team’s mission is to capture and secure the VIP before he can escape.
  • The VIP is indicated in the HUD by a unique icon and color; this color may be customized in the Settings menu.
  • Score extra points for escaping as the VIP and reviving, securing and neutralizing the VIP. Seven new VIP-themed achievements have been added.
  • The VIP game mode has been added to numerous existing maps:
    • Inner Hospital – FLO & BDX
    • Springstreet – BDX
    • Slums, Overload, Intercept, Homestead, Redline – FLO
  • Weapon and smoke grenade pickups may be found scattered across some VIP maps

Weapon Ranges


  • Swenson Range – New weapon range for testing and analyzing weapon behaviors
  • Spotting Scope – New item added to both weapon ranges and available when exploring all maps in single player


  • Lean in and out speeds slowed slightly – this was done as the previous speed on the lean was so high players could lean in and out so quickly they would effectively be invisible to their target(s)
  • Supernova shotgun’s spread tightened up slightly
  • M24 bolt cycle time lengthen slightly (up to 1.85 seconds; was 1.7)
  • M24 unsighted accuracy cone increased slightly

Map Changes

  • Targets in the shoot houses updated to better accommodate players with color blindness
  • Fixed spawn barrier shenanigans on Cabin Fever
  • Plugged a spot where players could get outside the playable area on Cabin Fever
  • Addressed a spawn-to-spawn shooting issue on Rocky Road
  • Fixed a few instances of floating bamboo on Homestead
  • Fixed LOD issues where props would not be visible at long ranges on several maps
  • Fixed several collision issues on Stone Ruins, Rocky Road & Intercept
  • Fixed an unintended bullet penetration issue on several Inner Hospital stairways
  • Removed an extreme rock climbing path from Rocky Road
  • Arcade sounds are more muffled when in the furniture store above it
  • Fixed a mislabeled comm volume on Checkout
  • Blocked an unintended sightline on Intercept
  • Blocked a spot on Inner Hospital where players could reach an unintended play space
  • Fixed an issue where very rarely one or two players would not spawn on a full Bridge map
  • Overload now correctly has twelve rifleman slots on each side



  • New Admin player list widget is available; open it via the Admin Panel
  • National Guard icon now supported on the scoreboard for those players who served in the Guard
  • VIP option added to the nameplate menu
  • VIP Preference options added to the Miscellaneous Settings list
  • Mission briefing description displayed at the start of each round
  • Team role (Attack/Defend, Escort/Ambush) added to the top of the screen
  • Credits screen added to main menu
  • Admin messages now appears on top of all other HUD/UI elements
  • Players can no longer see where the C4 is being placed before the arming process is completed
  • Nameplates are no longer lost for a round for players killed by a C4 explosion
  • Fixed an issue where the VOIP labels would sometimes show the incorrect team
  • VOIP labels no longer become stuck if VOIP is used within the Settings screen
  • Button animations on several menus were incorrect – now fixed
  • The Steam name of a player is displayed in the lower left corner of the scoreboard when hovering over that player’s name
  • Fixed an issue where the setting to mute game audio when focus was lost would not always work
  • Players may now choose to mute game audio and VOIP separately when focus is lost
  • Fix for the scoreboard mute button getting stuck in an incorrect state
  • The four Answer bindings removed from the Controls list to reduce clutter

Mission Editor

  • VIP templates added to the Mission Editor
  • Full VIP support added to both Mission Editor and Advanced Editor
  • Custom maps now have the correct audio/text briefing when created from a template


  • Added console command: ShowNextMap – it displays the name of the next map and may be used from the console at anytime
  • ROE default ban time reduced to ten minutes (was fifteen)
  • Simunitions all now use the same color and produce the usual weapon FX on impact; this reduces the tactical advantage of using this setting
  • Interrupted secure attempts no longer incorrectly scores points
  • Kill assist now rewarded for any damage dealt in the previous 90 seconds
  • Clicking on the game to regain focus no longer fires the weapon
  • Fixed a rare server crash
  • Fix for a rare crash upon completing a shoot house
  • Tweaked several crosshair types that were not -quite- centered
  • M1911 and M24 skins now displayed in the correct order within the game
  • VOIP now works on the server browser screen
  • Admin map swap defaults to “After This Map”; was defaulting to “Immediately”
  • New audio added to signal when an occupy objective is taken
  • Fixed an issue with the magazine on the M14 not always seating correctly
  • Fix for downed enemies sometimes going into a standing state when a secure is aborted