America's Army News

Game Update Notes (29 Feb 2016)

The latest update to America’s Army: Proving Grounds includes a brand new map, Homestead! Homestead is a FLO map with a C4 OBJ type. We’ve made some great improvements to the server browser adding back in right click functionality to see more in depth server information. New server admin options are in this update as well. The Challenge Coin system has been revamped, and we’ve added in Steam Trading Cards. Check out the details below for more info.


New Map – Homestead

  • Homestead centers around a makeshift communications outpost in a heavily forested region of Czervenia. Use the dense foliage around the map to carefully approach the objective areas while also keeping an eye out for enemy combatants patrolling through the vegetation



  • New menu added to customize friendly and enemy nameplate colors
  • Brief animation added when opening/closing text chat
  • Colors on the victory banner match the rest of the HUD
  • Fixed issue where roles were sometimes not properly reset upon side swap
  • The “Last Man Standing” message now appears whenever you are the last player up on your team; revive status of downed teammates is no longer considered
  • The Demorec spectator no longer appears in voting lists as an eligible player
  • Enemy spotted no longer update if the spotted player moves; the spot remains fixed to the initial spot location
  • Buttons on the settings menu now properly highlight with mouseovers


Server Browser

  • Right click menu added when selecting a server
  • Players may view server info to see a list of players on the server


Server Settings

  • Implemented a server setting to disabled supported fire (bDefaultForbidAnchoring)
  • Implemented a server setting to disable to the minimap dot for nearby enemies that have recently fired (bAllowEnemyFireMapDot)
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to the of main menu and ESC menu (Use first letter of the command, i.e. hit ‘O’ for Online on main menu, ‘R’ for Resume on esc menu, etc.)


Challenge Coins

  • Challenge coins (Hawkeyes, Deadeyes, etc.) now display the weapon used
  • It is now possible to get the same challenge coin in a round with different weapons (i.e. if you get three M4 kills and three M9 kills you receive a Hawkeye for each)
  • Players may now earn challenge coins with enemy weapons


Server Management

  • Shutting down a server via HAS no longer causes game and launcher crashes
  • Banned players may no longer join a server and use VOIP for a few moments before being kicked


Trading Cards

  • Steam trading cards have been added
  • Unlock 6 different cards, 10 profile backgrounds, 5 emoticons, and a profile badge



  • Damage memory for kill assists look back 30 seconds (previously was 15 seconds)
  • Fixed various typos in loading screen text
  • Floating bottles on Breach no longer float
  • Fall damage is disabled while the match is paused by an admin
  • When using the SwitchLevel command in single player an invalid map name no longer results in a crash
  • Adjusted culling distance on several objects on Watchdog
  • Fixed several small collision issues on the Hospital family of maps
  • Fixed a spot on Checkout where a player could get outside the play space
  • “World Boundary Volume” has been added to the editor for map makers to use
  • Banned players can no longer use VOIP while attempting to connect to a server