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Game Update Notes (21 NOV 2016)

New maps are here! We are happy to finally put Furious, Rusneyev, and Raptus into our Official map rotations! We’ve also added a few new achievements and fixed a few bugs.

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the update!


The three Concrete Jungle Maps are included in this release. We made them all available in both FLO and BDX format:

  • Furious By FG.L@LOOZE
    • This is a great looking map. It is clear a ton of time and effort went in to making this map shine. There is also fun gameplay to be had here. The objective layout, combined with additional corridors and paths throughout the map, result in some very mobile encounters, many of which are close range. It is a very action packed map!
  • Rusneyev By -=}WoLvErInE{=-
    • Rusneyev Night is a great looking map with a lot of character. It has some very distinct aspects to it with a number of interesting combat spaces and unique routes. -=}WoLvErInE{=- did a great job working some natural environments into the playspace while still using the building ruins in the map to nail the contest theme. The split attacker spawn points add some uniqueness to the map and give players a bit more variety from round to round.
  • Raptus By SeVn.Max
    • This map offers a wide variety of gameplay experiences in a very cohesive way. The center portions of the map offer good verticality and room clearing while the exterior portions of the map mix tight passageways with more open, mid-range firefights.



Four New Achievements!

  • Shop Local – Win a match on any user made map.
  • Gone Hiking – Win a match of each of the Great Outdoors maps (Homestead, Rocky Road, Cabin Fever and Stone Ruins)
  • Welcome to the Jungle – Win a match of each of the Concrete Jungle contest maps new to this update
  • Overlord of Overload – Win a match on Overload, a previous contest winner


Misc. Bug Fixes

  • Fix for an issue where the nameplates for downed players would sometimes bounce around
  • Removes the 60 fps lock for those playing with a gamepad controller
  • Fixed a clipping issue on Rocky Road
  • Update to VIP messaging on Red Line VIP
  • Fixed some debris on Checkout which was floating slightly off the floor
  • Fix for not being able to prone on some surfaces the player should have been able to use
  • Tweaked out-of-bounds volumes on Homestead
  • Fixed an incorrect physmat on Overload