America's Army News

Game Update Notes (20 DEC 2017)

Just in time for vacation, we have a new map and performance improvements for everyone! More work has been done on parties, so make sure you invite your friends and test the system!


New Map

Siege map updated and touched up with new art and assets. The new map is entitled “Hydra” and is an Extract map.

More maps will be updated in the coming year.

Bug Fixes

  • HUD optimizations should provide a small performance upgrade
  • Removed unintended roof access spot on Sandstorm
  • Fix for the M9’s magazine showing an incorrect skin during a reload
  • Better visual blending on the M4 and M16 iron sights when sighting up
  • Fixed a means where players could sprint and cook a grenade simultaneously
  • Fixed an area on Sandstorm where players could reach unintended play space
  • Improved balancing algorithm when adding players and parties to an existing game
  • Fix for players becoming stuck in global chat under some circumstances
  • Fixed issue on Homestead where some objects would visibly cull out
  • Improved framerate stability and reduced input latency in some cases