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Game Update Notes (19 DEC 2017)

Ho Ho Holiday Update!

We’ve got a stocking full with a major update to Siege and some exciting changes for server hosts. Easier initial server set up and Linux server testing are just a few of the changes we have in store! Thank you so much for a wonderful 2017 and we can’t wait to bring you more in 2018!

Updated Map

Siege map updated and touched up with new art and assets. The new map is entitled “Hydra” and is an Extract map.

More maps will be updated in the coming year.

Server Registration

Server admins need not register their servers anymore. Simply start a server using the Host a Server tool and you are good to go. The new server will appear in the browser for all players.

Dedicated Servers

We are testing our official servers on Linux dedicated servers. We expect to be able to release these to the public for use sometime early in 2018.


Bug Fixes

  • HUD optimizations should provide a small performance upgrade for low-end PCs
  • Removed unintended roof access spot on Sandstorm
  • Fix for the M9’s magazine showing an incorrect skin during a reload
  • Better visual blending on the M4 and M16 iron sights when sighting up
  • Fixed a means where players could sprint and cook a grenade simultaneously
  • Fixed an area on Sandstorm where players could reach unintended play space
  • Demorec now correctly strips out invalid characters from the server name when saving
  • Fixed a bug where when an admin would log out they would be automatically logged back in as admin the following match
  • Fixed issue on Insurgent Camp where players could get out of bounds
  • Fixed a collision issue with some trees on Insurgent Camp
  • Fixed a collision problem in the Insurgent Camp tunnel
  • Fixed several minor collision bugs on Inner Hospital
  • Attempting to join a 100% full server (no empty player or spectator slots) will now popup an error dialog indicating the server is full
  • Fixed issue where the ESC key could be rebound under some circumstances
  • Night vision effect no longer persists when using a non-first person view in spectator
  • Removed unneeded log spam when a player choose to play offline