America's Army News

First Opt-in beta test

What’s New?

  • Down players have a limited time to be revived (very little time if they were taken down with a headshot)
  • If you miss an enemy spot you can’t try again for 6 seconds
  • All new enemy weapons
  • New US weapon models
  • New US Pistol M1911
  • New Optics! (4x, 8x and shotgun holo)
  • New HUD
  • New in game UI replacing launcher functionality (still in-progress, so some options will be “coming soon” and the server browser will not have all functionality yet)
  • New gear sets on US Soldiers
  • New US Soldier camouflage patterns and colors
  • New audio engine (wwise) and weapon sounds updated
  • New Map from Steam Workshop (Drecks’  OVERLOAD)
  • New gametypes on existing maps (c4 / extract / flo )
  • Only one type of smoke grenade now
  • and much more!


What’s the focus for this test?

We need feedback from this test on a few specific things.

  1. Scoring – is the new scoring system easier to understand where your points are coming from?
  2. Audio – do any adjustments need to be made to volume or distance sounds are heard?
  3. Settings – test all of the settings and let us know if there are any problems or too many/missing options in the settings menu
  4. HUD – let us know what you think of the new look of the HUD

We are also stress testing the database and evaluating scoring/progression, so keep the few servers we have running full!


Map changes

  • Available missions increased from 25 to 34
  • Added flo_overload_c4
  • Removed training themed props from hospital maps
    • This includes swapping out the flag mesh for something more realistic
  • All training maps got an art pass
  • Flag no longer attaches to player’s back, instead the flag gets stuffed in a backpack and it is attached to the player carrying the flag
  • All DE maps have been removed from the game (been replaced by single plant site c4 versions)
  • New slo-mo explosion effects on all c4 maps (still wip)
  • Three Kings is now Flo_Watchdog
  • Added bdx versions of Bridge, Inner Hospital, and Red Line C4
    • Includes play space and plant site adjustments
  • Added flo versions of intercept and watchdog c4
    • Uses all of the three kings playspace
  • Added c4 versions of siege and intercept (Both bdx and flo)
  • Added Ex version of Crossfire


Maps included with this Opt In beta test

  • FLO Overload C4
  • FLO Intercept EX
  • FLO Watchdog C4
  • BDX Red Line C4
  • BDX Siege C4
  • BDX Crossfire EX


How do I participate?

  1. Right-click on the “America’s Army: Proving Grounds Beta” game in your Steam Library
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Select the “BETAS” tab
  4. Click the drop down where you select the beta you would like to opt into and select “OPT-IN 1”

WARNING – this will download the opt-in test and replace the current version of the game you have!  You can always select “NONE” and go back, but it will be a few GB download.

There is no limit to the number of people that can download the opt-in beta, but we will have a limited number of servers running.  If all servers are full you can spectate to wait for a spot or try again later.

The first Opt-In beta begins Thursday 23 APR 2015 at 0900 CST and ends Monday 27 APR 2015 at 0900 CST