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Concrete Jungle Map Creation Contest

We are pleased to announce our second user made map contest! Contestants will have approximately three months to create a map following the ‘Concrete Jungle’ theme. At the end of the contest period we will be selecting three winners whose maps will be featured in the game.

What is the deadline for entry?
There are two dates you should know: Monday, May 16, 2016 and Monday, July 4, 2016.

May 16th will be a preview event that we hold halfway through the competition. This is a time for the community and developers to see what you have up to this point and to provide feedback. Think of this as an Alpha Test for your map. The goal is to provide you with useful feedback while you still have enough time to make changes. This deadline is OPTIONAL. You can still enter the contest if you don’t submit anything by this deadline, but that means you will lose a huge opportunity for feedback from the community.

July 4th is the deadline for submissions in to the competition. Whatever is submitted to the workshop on this date is what will be judged. Deadlines for both of these dates (May 16 and July 4) are 9am CST.

What do I get if I win?
We will take your map and incorporate it in to the full game! We will polish up your map including: addressing collision and anchoring issues, fixing bugs, providing proper minimaps, updating ambient audio (if necessary) and updating art assets for key areas of the map (if necessary). Once we have completed this polish pass we will make your map official by adding it in to the game and placing it in the default map rotation.

How will the three winners be determined?
Winners will be selected by the development team. We will be judging maps on the following criteria.

Theme: Only maps which meet the Concrete Jungle theme will be considered for this contest. To meet this theme, the map must place a heavy focus on urban environments and engagements. City streets, rooftops, and moving from building to building are great examples of gameplay experiences that fit within this theme. If we feel your map is not meeting this criteria, we will provide that feedback as part of our May 16th review, assuming you make a submission by that deadline.

Character: Does that map have characteristics, either in environment or gameplay, that make it stand out from the competition? A map with character that can be easily remembered will earn favor with the judges.

Fun: Is the map fun to play? At the end of the day, this is the goal all maps strive to meet. If the map isn’t enjoyable to play then it doesn’t have much chance to win.

Completeness: How close is the map to being shippable? We are looking for maps that just need a bit of polish before we release them. The closer you can get your map to shippable quality the more favorably it will be viewed by the judges.

So, to boil it down, we are looking for fun maps that are on theme. Maps meeting that criteria with strong character and solid construction have a great chance at winning this competition.

For good examples of what a ‘winning map’ looks like, check out our winners from the Great Outdoors contest.

Are there any other restrictions I should know about?
We are looking for BDX maps for this competition. Your map should play well on a 6v6 server using our default server settings.

How do I get the map creation tools?
The America’s Army: Proving Grounds Editor can be downloaded as DLC for the game through Steam.

An overview of the editor can be found here:

How do I submit my map to the competition?
Publish your map to Steam and then post the url to your map’s workshop page here: Map Submission Thread

Tell me more about this May 16th deadline…
All maps that have been submitted (Map Submission Thread) by 9am CST on May 16th will be added to a collection. That map collection will then be run on a number of official servers for a week. During this time, players can play your maps and provide feedback either through your map’s Workshop page or though provided feedback areas on the forums.

Anyone who is not a developer at Army Game Studio is eligible for this contest.

Recreations of existing maps from other games will not be accepted. Recreations of existing America’s Army maps (pre-AAPG) are allowed, with a few minor caveats. These maps must do something original with the existing space. Don’t just reskin the old bsp/meshes and call it a day, do something to make the map your own. These maps, like all other map submissions in the contest, must fully embrace the Concrete Jungle theme.