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Game Update Notes (30 June 2016)

VIP mode is here! This is a game mode that’s been requested for a long time now and we are extremely proud to finally have it in game. With the new mode we’ve also updated the mission editor to support making VIP mode maps! Another new addition is the Swenson range, a great single player training map to learn weapon drop and recoil patterns. Read More

Game Update Notes (3 June 2016)

It’s just a small update today. We have removed the old loading screen videos and replaced them with 40 new videos!

There was also an adjustment made to the Cabin Fever spawn barrier so it can no longer be escaped before round start. Read More

Game Update Notes (5 May 2016)

We have a huge content update today! All three winners of the Great Outdoors contest are now on the Official servers and in the standard map rotation.


Great Outdoor UMM Contest Winners

  • The three contest winning maps are now live! These are all 12v12 outdoor themed maps
  • Stone Ruins by RedBaron64 is a foggy fight through some ancient ruins
  • Cabin Fever by =groundhog= offers a great hilly indoor and outdoor battle across a frozen landscape
  • Rocky Road by Keebler750 puts you in a tug-of-war style battle in a rocky landscape

Login Moved

  • Logging in to the game and account creation will now happen in the game and not the launcher
  • Launching to the Editor will bring up the launcher and all it’s associated functions

Map Fixes

  • Adjusted the fog density on Bridge to be consistent for both sides
  • Fixed a spot on Bridge where players could stand on a tiny collision lip
  • Closed a crack on Bridge where players could fire on the extraction point from one of the towers
  • Out of bounds area on Homestead tweaked slightly
  • Wooden ceiling beams near the Homestead forge no longer intersect with soldier’s heads
  • Players may no longer jump on several light poles in Slums
  • Blocking an area on Slums where players could leave the intended play space
  • Blocked a spot on Siege where players could leave the intended play space
  • Closed an area on Coldfront where players could, yes, leave the intended play space


  • Overload author plaque added to the map
  • Fixed an issue where map images in the Training menu could vanish
  • “Rank Up” animation now displayed correctly on the AAR
  • Activity feed spacing tweaked
  • Deploy menu now appears by default when the game is in warmup mode
  • Fix for the round start timer appearing incorrectly after opening the server browser from within a game
  • Size of confirmation dialogs increased

Mission Editor

  • Mission Editor Help function works once again
  • Fix for shoot house templates in the mission editor causing a crash

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fix for issue where removing a map from the workshop could cause a server with that map to experience problems
  • Pacifist and Clean Sweep achievements are no longer awarded when the opposing team leaves
  • Fix for scoreboard becoming stuck during a demorec playback
  • Fixed a bug where VOIP was being re-enabled at the start of each match even when disabled in the settings
  • Players may no longer pick up a second pistol, should one somehow be in the world to be picked up
  • Fix for the occasional distorted soldier in the end of round cam
  • Client and server logs cleaned up a bit
  • Matches ending due to not enough players will no longer trigger a map change
  • Prone performance improved significantly on the server side
  • Fix for movement stuttering during posture changes and at the end of sliding when playing online
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Game Update Notes (21 Apr 2016)

We have a very small update today to fix a few bugs, we are still working on the next big content update with the UMM contest winning maps.


  • Players may no longer jump, lean, change posture, sight up, etc. during the shoot house weapon cinematic
  • Securing now properly interrupts the M24 bolt cycle
  • Self-inflicted damage no longer counts towards ROE
  • Removed the duplicate VOIP toggle from the Misc.
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Game Update Notes (31 Mar 2016)

This update focuses on fixing a  number of bugs in the current public version. As always thank you to everyone who reports bugs and sends us suggestions on game improvements. As you can see, it’s a huge help!


User Made Map (UMM) Changes

  • The game no longer reads .metadata files from the UserMadeMaps folder. Instead, a new ini file — AASteamUGCManager.ini — stores the list of Item Ids to run on a server.
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Concrete Jungle Map Creation Contest

We are pleased to announce our second user made map contest! Contestants will have approximately three months to create a map following the ‘Concrete Jungle’ theme. At the end of the contest period we will be selecting three winners whose maps will be featured in the game.

What is the deadline for entry?
There are two dates you should know: Monday, May 16, 2016 and Monday, July 4, 2016. Read More

Vote for the next User Made Map contest theme!

It’s that time again! We plan on starting up the next UMM Contest soon, so let’s figure out what the theme of the contest will be. Our theme options this time were heavily influenced by your discussions in the thread we started up a couple weeks ago. We took some of the ideas that seemed popular there and cleaned them up a bit to provide a bit more flexibility for the contestants. Read More

Hotfix (10 MAR 2016)

This is a small hotfix to address a few issues introduced in the last update.


  • Eagle Eye correctly requires a single long distance head shot
  • Fixed an issue where M24 challenge coins (Hawkeyes, etc.) were reported as M249 coins
  • Last Man Standing correctly appears due to the next to last player leaving a team
  • Fixed several loading screen typos
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Game Update Notes (29 Feb 2016)

The latest update to America’s Army: Proving Grounds includes a brand new map, Homestead! Homestead is a FLO map with a C4 OBJ type. We’ve made some great improvements to the server browser adding back in right click functionality to see more in depth server information. New server admin options are in this update as well. The Challenge Coin system has been revamped, and we’ve added in Steam Trading Cards. Read More

Game Update Notes (11 Feb 2016)

This is a small bugfix update preceding our new content update later this month. Our Great Outdoors Map Contest entry period has closed and judging is currently underway. We have narrowed down our top 10 already, and will be announcing the three winners very soon. Join our conversation on the forums to see more!


  • Hospital (all maps) lighting restored to former state
  • The activity feed now has appropriate icons for ROE violations and ROE bans
  • VOIP keys no longer register when using text chat
  • Admins no longer get kicked every match when playing on a password protected server
  • Officials sorted to the top of the server list and all server properly sorted by ping from lowest to highest
  • Fixed an issue where some servers would not appear in the Favorites or History tab
  • Players may now sight/unsight during crouch-to-standing and standing-to-crouch transitions
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