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12.14.21 Patch Notes

PSN Version 1.44 and PC Version 338207 are now live! This patch implements several quality of life fixes on both platforms and sees the return of Clan Tags on PC. Read on for the full list of notes.


PSN Ver 1.44 Notes:



  • Various map bugs/exploits
  • Using a ladder will no longer cause a player to get stuck
  • Bandaging no longer causes equip failure
  • Leavenworth: removed invisible wall blocking cell exit


PC Ver 338207 Notes:



  • Clan Tags can be set in your account settings (when set on a platform, the platform saved value will have priority)
  • Added an option to display a player’s Steam ID in spectate



  • Ladders no longer cause the player to get stuck
  • Server default value for automatic spotting players set to false
  • Audio emotes will function in offline mode
  • Bandaging can no longer cause a player to equip nothing
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when changing maps
  • Blocked weapon drops for a short time after round start, to prevent duplication
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining a server with no player to spectate
  • Updated some old server logs that could cause a Linux server to crash
  • Some art packages were updated to force verification
  • A case where an admin could not logout was fixed
  • Admin kick/ban interface updated
  • “\n” is no longer allowed in player names
  • Leavenworth: Removed invisible wall blocking cell exit
  • Redline & Intercept & Siege: Added blocking volumes to prevent wall clipping
  • Siege: Added a metal pillar to block an exploitable window
  • Uptown: Fixed the LOD on the boarded door so it does not disappear at longer range
  • Springstreet: Updated the LOD on some concrete bricks so they do not disappear at long range
  • Reaction: Fixed audio for upper door switch
  • Reaction: Bullet penetration fixed for machines / pipes / metal walkways
  • Reaction: Floating map decor updated
  • Reaction: Some locations with rough edges causing player slowdowns updated
  • InsurgentCamp: No longer allows dual render scope usage



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Open Slots on PC Official Servers CMH3 and IAD4 Outdoors

All MOS and Loadout Slots have been opened on PC U.S. Army Official CMH3 and IAD4 Outdoors. Thinking you’re down with your bad self and can handle the Sniper? Hop in and go all out Soldier!


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Common Problems and Fixes for the New Account Registration Process

After the latest game update released on 9/15/21, we are experiencing high volumes of support tickets and may not be able to respond to your case quickly. However, below is a list of common problems and their fixes relating to the update’s new account registration process that may solve your issue. Note: The team is implementing fixes periodically, so if you encountered any of these issues, please read below and try to register again. Read More

[9.15.21] Update Notes

The wait for new content was long, but an update has finally dropped! First things first – new login requirements. For your initial game launch after the update, you’ll need to read through the on-screen prompts carefully to successfully register your account and log in. More details on that here.

Now for the fun. Dive into missions with new weapon skins, some flashy and some classy! Read More

Update [REDACTED] Incoming

The next AA:PG update is incoming for PlayStation and PC! New weapon skins, a revamped and polished Reaction map, updated map rotation and vote widget, various bug fixes, and more! In preparation, we want to brief you on new login requirement changes so you know what to expect. Look to the full list of notes when the update is released.


New Login Requirements Brief:

Whether you are a new recruit in AA:PG or a veteran player, you will need to go through the new login requirements to register your account for your initial game launch after the update. Read More

PC: Punk Buster Re-enabled on Official Servers

In order to increase security and prevent cheating, we have re-enabled Punk Buster on official servers. If you are receiving a kick error when entering official servers, please follow these directions:

1. Download and run pbsetup.exe from
2. Add the AAPG game by choosing it from the dropdown list. Press the Update Punk Buster button.
3. Go to C:ProgramFiles(x86)SteamsteamappscommonAmerica’s ArmyAAPGBinaries and manually run “pbsvc_pg.exe” Read More

Allied Streamers

Introducing the Allied Streamers – Recognized members of the community that stream exceptional America’s Army content on Twitch. Catch their channels at where we will host them when offline.

For a more in-depth look at some Allied Streamers, view their bios below (updated regularly).







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America’s Army Twitch Channel Relaunch

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the America’s Army Twitch channel, and invite you to participate with Server Hop.

Starting on Feb 25th at 4:00 PM EST, hop around on PC U.S. Army Official Servers for a chance to be featured on


We’ve got some exciting streams planned for both PS4 and PC versions, so don’t forget to follow the channel! Read More

10.13.20 Patch Notes

Version 319295 is now live on PC/Steam:

  • M17/SCAR-H Challenge info visible/fixed
  • SCAR-H Iron sight Achievement fixes
  • Fixed a “heavy door” asset in the editor, which would cause crashes
  • Multiple Champion skin unlock fixes
  • Bad Day at the Office achievement is now achievable


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AAPG PC Linux Game Server HowTo

This post can also be found in its entirety on Steam itself here —


Linux Server Access

Obtain root access to a server running the Linux OS. Knowledge of basic Linux OS server administration best practices is recommended.

Important note: The AAPG Linux Dedicated Server is not compatible with hosting User Generated Content (UGC) from the Steam Workshop.

Install SteamCMD

Follow this guide from Valve to Install SteamCMD on your particular Linux distribution. Read More