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12.14.21 Patch Notes

PSN Version 1.44 and PC Version 338207 are now live! This patch implements several quality of life fixes on both platforms and sees the return of Clan Tags on PC. Read on for the full list of notes.


PSN Ver 1.44 Notes:



  • Various map bugs/exploits
  • Using a ladder will no longer cause a player to get stuck
  • Bandaging no longer causes equip failure
  • Leavenworth: removed invisible wall blocking cell exit


PC Ver 338207 Notes:



  • Clan Tags can be set in your account settings (when set on a platform, the platform saved value will have priority)
  • Added an option to display a player’s Steam ID in spectate



  • Ladders no longer cause the player to get stuck
  • Server default value for automatic spotting players set to false
  • Audio emotes will function in offline mode
  • Bandaging can no longer cause a player to equip nothing
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when changing maps
  • Blocked weapon drops for a short time after round start, to prevent duplication
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining a server with no player to spectate
  • Updated some old server logs that could cause a Linux server to crash
  • Some art packages were updated to force verification
  • A case where an admin could not logout was fixed
  • Admin kick/ban interface updated
  • “\n” is no longer allowed in player names
  • Leavenworth: Removed invisible wall blocking cell exit
  • Redline & Intercept & Siege: Added blocking volumes to prevent wall clipping
  • Siege: Added a metal pillar to block an exploitable window
  • Uptown: Fixed the LOD on the boarded door so it does not disappear at longer range
  • Springstreet: Updated the LOD on some concrete bricks so they do not disappear at long range
  • Reaction: Fixed audio for upper door switch
  • Reaction: Bullet penetration fixed for machines / pipes / metal walkways
  • Reaction: Floating map decor updated
  • Reaction: Some locations with rough edges causing player slowdowns updated
  • InsurgentCamp: No longer allows dual render scope usage



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