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Beta Updates

Since we launched the open beta of America’s Army: Proving Grounds in August 2013 we have been working hard to add features to the game and make changes based on feedback from the community. Below are details on the major changes released over the past year.

New Mission Environments

Harbor Assault

Harbor Assault is positioned at a key Czervenian port.  Holding this area is critical for maintaining control over the country’s trade and sea lanes.

Proper positioning and sightline control are key in Harbor Assault. Teams must control both objectives to win. These objectives are both on exposed second floors, making careless approaches a risky proposition. Take control of sightlines, secure the area around the objectives and then move in for the capture.  Smart teams will also know how to best use the map’s many routes to gain the positioning they need. Numerous routes cut across the map, making flanks a frequent occurrence. Teams should always be aware of the constantly changing battle space.

Red Line

Red Line is a train station connected to a secret rail line used by the Czervenian military to quickly and quietly move troops and supplies across the country.  Taking control of this line will severely cripple the Czervenian war effort.

Red Line tests a player’s skills in a variety of combat situations offering short, mid, and long-range engagements. Encounters consist of everything from CQB room clearing to lane control. There are three main areas of control across the map, with multiple routes leading in to each. Properly executing a strategy to control the key points of the map requires teamwork and communication.

The Extract mission Assault must retrieve the Guidon from the train in the lower level. From there they are tasked with extracting the flag through the exit in the upper level of the complex. Defense must decide if they want to attempt ambushing the train area or if they want to fall back and defend the extraction point.

The C4 mission Assault must carry a charge to one of two plant sites on the map. One site is a server room on the top floor of the complex, while the other is a weakened support column on the bottom floor near the trains. Defense must prevent the assaulting team from destroying either site. Since defense will be spread thin covering two sites, scouting and communication are extremely important. Identify which way the charge is heading and move to intercept.


Slums take players into the outskirts of an impoverished Czervenian city. Life here takes place between the smoking towers of industry and compact living accommodations.

The C4 mission contains two key locations which Assault attempts to destroy. The first is an abandoned building that contains a mobile enemy radar. The second objective is a renovated pub which houses enemy radio equipment and serves as a communications outpost for local enemy troops.  Defense can use the areas around these locations to quench any attacking opposition.

The Take and Hold mission contains three key locations which players fight over for control.  The first is a small garage that contains key Czervenian technology and vehicles. The second is an abandoned building that contains enemy munitions. The last objective is a renovated pub which houses enemy radio equipment in an upstairs room.  Surrounding these objective areas are key defense points that players use to bolster their advances and improve their rotations to new unclaimed objectives.

Cold Front

Cold Front takes players deep into the heart of Czervenia. This small snowy village contains both critical Czervenian radar and a crucial bridge which the Czervenian forces use. Defense must be vigilant of these two objectives, never allowing the attackers to enter and destroy either one.

In the C4 mission Assault must take the explosive charge to one of two locations. The first demolition site contains a mobile Czervenian radar unit. It is essential for this hardware to be removed to bolster any future air support or friendly supply drops. The second site is the main bridge found along the south passage of the main road. This bridge is critical to Czervenian forces supply lines, and must be eliminated to hinder the Czervenian opposition.

In the Extract mission Assault must take the flag to one of two extraction points. The first is along the main road to the north. This exit is exposed and difficult to predict where the defense may be lurking. On Assault, players would be wise to patiently control strategic locations prior to dashing for this extraction point. The second site is the main bridge found along the south side of the main road. This bridge provides many points of cover for the defense but, if left unguarded, may provide Assault with a quick clandestine extraction.


Intercept is a conflict zone within a small, abandoned Czervenian village.  The Czervenian forces were attempting to move experimental weaponry through the ruins of a rural village when they were ambushed by rebel forces.  U.S. Forces on patrol in a nearby area are moving in to retrieve the cargo while the Czervenian forces attempt to secure the area until reinforcements arrive.

Assault must move in to the crash site, retrieve the weaponry, and extract with it.  Defense must secure the area and prevent the Assaulting side from making off with the valuable cargo.  Defense has a defensible area around the crash site to withstand the attack, but Assault has a number of options throughout the ruins from which they can strike.

Designated Roles

Role Select
Designated roles help to balance the maps by limiting the number of Snipers, Designated Marksman and SAW gunners.  Currently the roles only limit primary weapon and optic selection, but in the future they may have unique abilities as well. Roles are defined per map and custom map makers may set up these numbers however they wish or set all roles to be unrestricted. Server admins may set roles to unrestricted via the server setting bUseRoles.

New M24 Sniper Weapon System

The M24 SWS is a bolt action rifle with a high-powered optic to make long-range shots.  The rate of fire is slow, but the damage is high.  This weapon is only available to the sniper role.

New Soldier Models

U.S. Soldier Model Updates

The soldier models have been updated on both the U.S and Czervenian side.

The new U.S. Rifleman soldier model has a slimmer look and shows the pistol in the holster only when the player doesn’t have it in their hands.  This model will be used for all roles except the Automatic Rifleman.  New models for the Designated Marksman and Sniper are in progress, but have not been released yet.
The new U.S. Automatic Rifleman model has more bulk and different gear than the other roles.

Enemy Soldier Model Updates

The enemy soldiers updated head model and uniform textures make them more distinguishable from friendlies at quick glance.  The helmet was removed to make the silhouette look different than the U.S. Soldier and the colors were made brighter with more contrast to make them stand out more in dark shadows.

The backpack was removed from all enemy soldiers since we now have a backpack that will be seen only when an enemy is carrying the extract objective, if the objective isn’t a flag.  The new map Intercept has a missile part that must be retrieved and extracted and the backpack is shown instead of a flag when the enemy has the objective.

Dual Render Scopes

Dual Render Scope
Dual render scopes are now available for all magnified scopes (ACOG, Elcan and Mk4). These scopes are heavy on performance and only recommended for higher-end machines. The option to enable is under the Video settings and non-magnified optics are unaffected by this setting. It zooms in only the portion of the screen inside the scope instead of zooming in the entire screen.  This gives the player better situational awareness and a true two eyes open view of their weapon.  This option is turned off by default since it has an impact on performance and may not be suitable for all machines.

Mission Editor

ME announcement graphic
The Mission Editor has the tools needed to create environments, missions and shoot houses.  Anyone can get started with the Mission Editor and then move to the Advanced Editor as they gain experience and are ready to work like the developers.  Maps can be shared on the Steam Workshop for all to enjoy.  There is more information about the editor here:

Release notes for each past release are at the links below:

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