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New AA Comic, Issue #12: Crescendo!



READ America’s Army Issue #12 “Crescendo” for FREE today!

Having escaped an underwater Czervenian facility, CPT Reed and SSG Dixon rush vital Intel to Special Agent Barfield revealing “Rostov” is a weapons program of incomprehensible and destructive power. Fueled by science thought to be only theoretical, the weapon is so powerful it could start a chain reaction of unknown consequences on a scale never seen.

Unprecedented circumstances now force the Mustangs to devise an extraordinary mission that, if successful, could save hundreds of thousands of lives in America’s Army Issue #12 – Crescendo.

This issue features cover artwork by acclaimed GI JOE artist Robert Atkins.

Also check out our interview with Robert here.

Issue #12 features art from the User Made Map “Overload” by map designer Drecks!


Congratulations to map designer extraordinaire, Drecks, winner of America’s Army: Proving Grounds User Map Competition with his map “Overload”!


Want to know more about the AA:PG User Map Competition or the winner announcement?


Check out our interview with “Drecks”, creator of “Overload”



Now play AA:PG and step into “Overload” for yourself!

After you’ve read the comic, play the Overload map for yourself on the America’s Army: Proving Grounds PC Game!


The AA:PG PC Game and Overload map are absolutely FREE. Everything you need to get started is right here:

  • Download the AA:PG Game FREE on Steam (You will need to download STEAM and create a Free STEAM Account if you don’t have one)
  • Subscribe to the Overload Map on the Steam Workshop (You will need to be logged into your STEAM account to see the Subscribe button)
  • Explore the Overload map in single player mode. (click “Editor” in the launcher and then “Manage” and select Overload from the list and click the magnifying glass icon to explore offline)
  • Play the Overload map online with other teammates.


So What’s Next?

Overload will be getting some special attention from the Devs and will become an official AA:PG map soon so stay tuned.  Here’s a sneak peak!