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Earn It

Earn It

Soldiers are ‘earning it’ every day, whether its respect, honor or successfully earning their positions within the Army. Here is some intel on some of the patches that Soldiers earn to recognize their Army accomplishments. Earn it!

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

The Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, or SSI, identifies a Unit the Soldier has served in or is currently assigned to.

The Unit Patch

Worn on the left shoulder, the “Unit Patch” SSI signifies the Unit the Soldier is currently assigned to and is issued on arrival. Wearing the Unit Patch is a commitment and constant reminder to earn the respect of your peers and your place in the Unit every day. America’s Army: Proving Grounds takes place entirely in training, earning players the Unit Patches of the two fictional Long Range Combined Arms-Recon Units.

Combat Patch

Once the Soldier has deployed to combat, the SSI of the Unit he or she deployed with can be worn on the Right shoulder as a “Combat Patch ” – the Soldier has ‘earned’ that Unit’s patch in the crucible of combat operations. Players will not earn any Combat Patch SSI in America’s Army until they deploy on actual missions to engage Czervenian forces.

Soldiers are authorized to wear any combat patch he or she has earned during their career on the right sleeve, in accordance with AR 670-1 and Command Directive. Earn your honor and patches with the release of America’s Army: Proving Grounds later this year.

Earn it!