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Play with the Devs on User-Made Map!

Join the Devs on the official AA:PG servers as we add the featured user made map of the week, When the Whistle Blows, to the rotation! We will be live streaming the action on the AmericasArmyGame Twitch Channel. The excitement begins on Friday April 18 at 2PM CST. Be there, HOOAH?”

America’s Army Twitch Channel


AA Comics Issue #9 Released!

Issue 9 is here! Grab it here and check out what’s going on underground in the Pipeline with Mustang Squad!


America’s Army at WonderCon!

AA is going to WonderCon! We will be at IDW’s booth (# 309) giving away Comic #0 which catches readers up on our first eight issues. Come by and see us to grab a copy!

Comic 9 panel 1

Mustangs Battle Elite CZ Forces in Issue #9

POSSIBLE SPOILERS here as, well, let’s just say things look no bueno for the lionhearted Lurkers! Finding themselves cornered in the Pipeline, the Mustangs learn more about the missing scientists from Issue #4, but will have to fight it out with elite CZ forces to get out alive with the info!


America’s Army Comic Issue #9

America’s Army Comic Issue #9!! No, really?! Yep!! It’s CONFIRMED. April 16th!! Locked and ready to Ragnarok!

Creed 10

I am a Guardian of Freedom

The Soldier’s Creed site has been updated for I am a Guardian of Freedom and the American Way of Life. Check it out now here!

Soldier Stats

Share your Soldier Stats Now!

You can now log in and share your Soldier stats on social media! Also check out the Leaderboards to see who’s at the top!

ME announcement graphic

Mission Editor Now Available on Steam

The AA:PG Mission Editor is now available for download from Steam! This feature will include the mission editor, which is ideal for those who haven’t done map making before, and an advanced editor which offers a much more in-depth and complex map building experience.

After you’ve created your map you can upload it to Steam Workshop to share it with the America’s Army community.


[Dev]Doc on Mission Editor Details

[Dev]Doc just gave us some great info on the differences between the Mission Editor and the Advanced Editor. According to him, “the Mission Editor is intended to be less intimidating than the Advanced one for users who haven’t worked with map making software before. Both are there, however, in order to allow users who know what they’re doing or are willing to put the time in to learn to really deck their maps out.”

You can read more about it on our Forum.


AA: PG Mission Editor Update

The AA:PG Mission Editor is coming on March 27! Our Devs and Betas have been playing with it for months and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with when you get your hands on it.